wilshire greand twilighth

by Jodi Summers With its spire, the Wilshire Grand skyscraper soars to 1,100 feet – becoming the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Construction crews recently hoisted the final piece of a steel spire atop the Wilshire Grand, crowning the 73-story skyscraper. The spire is the final piece of tower’s distinct sail-shaped roofline, which […]

Gerald Desmond Bridge_long-beach

by Jodi Summers The Port of Long Beach continues to maintain a AA rating — its highest for U.S. ports. Fitch Ratings, one of the top three U.S. credit analysis agencies, — was warranted due to the Port’s strong market position, resilient, long-term revenues from Port tenants, and the Port’s robust ability to service its […]

Beautify Lincoln Flag

by Jodi Summers Murals, sculptures and landscaping are all ways for a neighborhood to forge a collective identity, stimulate learning, instill a sense of pride and invites business. Thank you to the grass roots movement, Beautify Lincoln. Since 2012, this team of volunteer artists have painted murals on more than 20 storefronts on Lincoln Blvd […]

by Jodi Summers The green, green land of West Hollywood is the place in LA to invest right now. In the first quarter of 2016, WeHo is seeing lower per-square-foot sale prices and asking rents than 1Q 2015. Sunset Blvd….Santa Monica Blvd. > West Hollywood benefits from a very dense, compact urban form with small […]

Total Primary Energy associated with Retail and E-commerce systems by stage

by Jodi Summers As more retailers are delivering on the promise of “click and knock,” the dynamics of the commercial real estate market are changing. Physical constraints may limit retailers from displaying or carrying a full range of items, in contrast to online retailers who can display any and every product they sell, and only […]


by Jodi Summers The residents of Santa Monica don’t want more residential buildings and they’re not excited about hotels, so they’re getting new office space. The Santa Monica Gateway at 2834 Colorado Avenue is planned as a two-building 200,000-square-foot property with subterranean parking. It is some of the first high tech office space being built […]